Virtual Asset Management (VAM) Global receives a Federal Grant to support United States Department of Defense (DoD) first responders by providing three-dimensional Digital Twins and mapping services for crisis management.

Washington D.C, – November 10, 2021 – Virtual Asset Management (VAM) Global received a Federal Grant to support DoD first responders with crisis management by providing three-dimensional mapping services. The grant represents a great opportunity for VAM Global to assist first responders in preparing and managing for hostage situations, chemical spills, large building fires, structural collapse, or other crisis type incidents.

VAM Global will provide a combination of 3D digital twin solutions to capture interior, exterior, and aerial imagery (thermal and mapping) for crisis scenes.  The On-Sight® Explorer will be VAM Global’s custom platform to meet first responder’s requirements and work flow needs. Additionally VAM Global will be responsible for testing, operating, and managing new state-of the art equipment necessary to to capture complex environments. 

DoD’s mission, “Virtual Asset Management (VAM) Global will continue to develop interoperability among first responders by developing a web portal that provides a visual of the entire scene from any device with a web browser and internet that is granted access by their department. Interior Building Mapping Data Warehouse provides first responders with the most up to date egress routes, the nearest utility and fire control center access points, location of fire extinguishers, and rooms with potential hazardous material.”

VAM Global.

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