In early 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, VAM global partnered with Wendy’s International teams to perform Advanced Restaurant Surveys utilizing 3D digital twins.

Miami, Florida – In early 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, VAM global partnered with Wendy’s International teams to perform Advanced Restaurant Surveys utilizing 3D digital twins. These 3D digital twins provided a digital replica of a restaurant that housed specific data which supported numerous functional departments in reaching their goals. As a result, these technological developments were utilized for the organization’s remote Post Construction Surveys, to promote non-traditional asset types to franchisees, and to showcase vendor Kitchen Equipment products to potential buyers. Read more on the approach and benefits realized by utilizing our tech:


  • VAM Global enjoys working closely with all stakeholders in order to develop a product that will meet all customer requirements.  Thank you to the following stakeholders involved:
  • VAM Global – Project Manager, Capture Specialist
  • Wendy’s International – Development, Design/Construction, Marketing, Operations teams
  • Wendy’s Franchisees – LAC, APMEA 
  • Vendors – VTI Kitchen Equipment (KE) Provider (Mexico)


3D Digital Twins provide a wide range of use cases for all types of organizations.  Our Advanced Restaurant Surveys were utilized for the following:

  • Design and Construction – Advanced Restaurant Survey for Post Construction Survey. 
  • Marketing and Operations – February 2020 LAC Marketing & Operations Franchisee event, showcase of non-traditional asset types via VR Experience.
  • Vendor Kitchen Equipment Showcase – Product showcase of Wendy’s KE.


Our Solutions and products are completely customizable and can be delivered on our easy to use platform called the On-sight Explorer.

  • Post Construction Survey Digital Twin – 3D digital twin of new build and remodeled restaurants utilized to notate building improvements, supported a consistent Brand Design standard, and leveraged as a tool to train franchisee development teams.
  • LAC Marketing and Operations Conference – Corporate event where 3D Digital twins of non-traditional asset types were utilized as a promotional tool to provide an immersive Virtual Reality experience to Wendy’s franchisees.  
  • Vendor Kitchen Equipment Digital Twin – 3D digital twin of a restaurant with newly developed Wendy’s approved equipment, utilized to promote to Wendy’s Franchisee audience.  The Kitchen Provider was able to showcase their new KE by uploading specifications, operational manuals, and short MP3’s describing the equipment.


Our custom solutions offer a variety of benefits to small – large sized organizations and government entities.  Here are some of the unique benefits that clientele gain from partnering with us:

  • Travel Cost Reduction – Potential to save on employee travel by utilizing VAM Global resources.
  • Improved Asset Data – Customize your 3D digital twins with industry specific data that teams can utilize for planning and to make better decisions. 
  • Better Insight – 3D data provides a higher resolution and level of accuracy that can help maintain a consistent quality standard for building and/or maintenance of a space. 
  • Remote Team Collaboration – Allow your teams to collaborate more efficiently by using your digital content in a virtual environment.  
  • On-sight Explorer – Provides features for end users to take notes, photos in 4k resolution, share 3D content,  establish privacy, collaborate with teams, and much more!

Photo: Guatemala, Naranjo – Collaboration VAM Global, Wendy’s International Construction, Grupo Coralsa.

VAM Global partners with a variety of technological providers to ensure our clients have the level of detail and accuracy necessary to fulfill their business needs.  Our global foot-print allows us to provide capture services in over 150 countries and on 4 continents with an expedited turnaround time. 

During early 2020, VAM Global began capturing non-traditional, new development, and remodeled restaurants within the Wendy’s International portfolio.  VAM Global’s Project Manager worked closely with Wendy’s International Construction team, and Guatemala franchisee Grupo Coralsa.


Photo: Wakayama, Japan New Wendy’s Development – Post Construction Review.

VTI/Wendy’s – KE Showcase.

VAM Global’s On-site Explorer integrates with a variety of solutions to ensure our client’s business needs are met!  Our solution allows client brand customization and easy access to your mobile device.  3D digital twins have many integrations with other industry-related solutions such as Procore, Google earth, Revit, and Shopify are a few.


Photo: Interlomas, Mexico.


Photo: 2020 Wendy’s International LAC Marketing/Operations Conference – VR Experience.

We know our clientele sometimes need an expedited delivery, as experts in LEAN, our approach ensures a timely fast turnaround.  Our team is spread across four continents and over 150 countries, call today and we can have you covered tomorrow!

There are many fun and creative ways to allow customers and internal teams to experience their products and assets via Virtual Reality.  The above image was taken from the 2020 Wendy’s International LAC Marketing/Operations Conference, where the Oculus VR goggles and digital touch screen were utilized to showcase non-traditional assets to Latin American and Caribbean Franchise teams. 

Reach out today and discover how your organization can value partnering with VAM Global!

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